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Saint Stephen's Church is located in Elgin County on the Fingal Line, approximately a 20 minute drive west of St. Thomas, and just west of the intersection of Iona Road, which is known as Burwell’s Corners.

Colonel Mahlon Burwell lived at that corner and was a surveyor for Colonel Thomas Talbot. Burwell did most of the surveying in this area, setting aside 200 hundred acres of land and through the sale of parcels of land, provided money to build Saint Stephen's Church. It was built in 1871, and opened for services in January 1872.

In 1911 a new pump organ was purchased. A church bell was donated and dedicated at Easter 1925 to welcome parishioners to Sunday services. Several years ago, an electric organ was given, and most recently, an audiocassette was donated in memory of our late organist.

In 1927, money was collected for a Perpetual Care Fund for the cemetery, which is located immediately east of the Church. Colonel and Mrs. Burwell are buried in St Stephen’s Cemetery. Their unique tombstones are large flat stones, held erect by pillar-like columns.

For many years, St Stephen's had been closely connected to St Peter's Tyrconnell and Nativity Church in Dutton. In January 1974, St Stephen's became part of a combined parish of five congregations at Tyrconnell (St Peter's), Dutton (Church of the Nativity), West Lorne (Grace Church), Port Stanley and Burwell Park. In 1979, Christ Church, Port Stanley became a single parish, and the remaining four congregations became known as the Parish of Tyrconnell. Church of the Nativity, Dutton was deconsecrated November 30, 2008.

The Rev'd Fr. Stephen D. Yeo provides ministry.

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